Tour Wee friends Preschool

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Listening Center

This is where children can listen to stories on audio as they follow along in the book.


Everyone has a job in preschool. Kids learn how fun it is to work as they wipe tables, water the plant, and learn responsibility.

     Art Center

Children can create to their heart's content. There are collage materials, die cuts, colored paper, writing tools and more. Across the room is an easel for painting large pictures!


Every day the classroom is filled with fun and learning. New toys come out each month to make things exciting. Teachers are always there to guide positive interaction.

Circle time

We gather at the rug to learn colors, shapes, songs, and rhymes. We also learn Spanish, science, math and reading.

Dramatic Play

The Playhouse includes dress-ups, kitchen supplies, dolls and toys.  New props are added each month to excite your child's imagination.


The library is near the couches where the children can enjoy the books. It’s stocked with stories that teach about the monthly themes. Blending Books from the Read at Three© program are also here to read.  


Blocks are always available and used every day. There are wooden, foam, and Magnetic blocks. Enough to satisfy every good builder.

Manipulatives & Puzzles

More toys to explore are placed here every month. They enhance the children's play and give variety and enjoyment.

Gem Jars

Each child has a jar they can fill up with gems for cleaning up, passing off reading levels, and doing good deeds. When they get 10 gems they pick a prize!


Each child has their own cubbie for their art supplies and other fun things to take home.