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The reading program is so innovative! The program meets the needs of my son and also he works at his own pace. It’s individualized for each student. I love the reading program…it works! -Michelle Merrily, BS at Utah State University

It’s amazing to see such young children start to read. But the best part is how excited they are about it! They are lucky to get to experience the joy of reading at just 3 or 4 years old. -Susan Meacham, Mom

It’s a very positive atmosphere. The kids learn how to be more self reliant. The preschool gets the kids ready for Kindergarten. -Pauline Tubbs, mom

We LOVE the reading program! It is fantastic for visual and auditory learners. My daughter is reading and I am very proud of her. -Jessica Deceuster, Bachelor’s in Elementary Education

This program really works! It uses visual representations to introduce the fundamental sounds and then builds on the children’s acquired knowledge of those sounds to teach them how to blend those sounds to form words and letter names. My daughter feels very successful using this program and has made great progress regardless of her speech delays. -Aubrey Maughan, Former first grade Teacher

My daughter is a little older than most in her class- this is her last year before Kindergarten. She already knew the alphabet and most letter sounds going into preschool. That being said, she didn’t understand how to put the letters together to form words. This program has been great for her to reinforce letter names and sounds, but especially in learning how to blend. As a special Education teacher I used to teach children to read, but I mostly taught functional skills and basic reading (and sight words) to my students. When it came time to teach my own child to read, it proved more difficult. My daughter seemed like she needed someone besides me to teach her. She’s learned how to blend letters and is so excited that she can read! I feel like she is so much more prepared for Kindergarten. -Mary Foster, former Special Education teacher

It is an excellent program. Two of my daughters have gone through the program. They have both excelled beyond expectations in reading. -Ariana Gleisberg

I enjoy this program over the programs I have tried because of the one-on-one time I get with my  child versus using the TV. The program is simple and straight forward, and I have seen progress with my children by only spending 5 minutes per day. My girls also get excited about earning the pass off cards as they achieve a level. We hang the cards on the magnet board at home. -Tanya Birch, mother of twins

When I heard about Wee Friend’s Read at Three program, I was impressed, but still wasn’t too concerned if my child learned to read yet or if she was a little older when she learned. But as the year progressed and I saw how quickly she grasped the concepts I was thrilled. It is such a natural way to learn! -Mary Peacock, mom

My daughter is 5 and reading chapter books! I think this reading program is a great way to expose children to reading and to teach them about letter sounds and get them started reading. -Alison Arnold, parent

From the Children

I learned a lot about reading. I love to read at home. I think I’m a really good reader. G.A.

I love reading. It makes me feel good. C.B.

I like to read and pass off my letters! E.M.

I like knowing how to read ‘cause now I can read those signs when we’re driving! S-T-O-P spells STOP! S.K.M.

I like reading the words. I like reading the books. I like sounding out the cards. M.D.

It’s really fun and I’m very proud of myself because I’m learning how to read. R.F.

I love passing off levels! It’s really fun to read words. T.P.

I love reading and listening to the stories. Singing fun songs. Playing outside and having snack. T.T.

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The Read at Three reading program is phenomenal! It only takes a few minutes a day, yet gives children the confidence and skills they need to read. I love it!    -Megan Barker, parent

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